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    New Webinar - 'Mastering the Energy Gap'

    A steady increase in body weight across our entire population has resulted in one in four Australian adults becoming obese. At the heart of this health issue is the energy gap - that is the imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure.

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  • New health professional webinar


    The Emeco 111 Navy Chair with Coca-Cola. Made from 111 recycled plastic bottles and 66 years of Emeco know-how. Introducing the 111 Navy Chair to New Zealand...

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    Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance that is found in many common foods and drinks such as tea, hot cocoa, chocolate, sparkling drinks. People around the world have ...

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Hire a Kids Personal Trainer For Best Results

Best muscle building exercises are the key to gaining muscle strength for child looking forward to increasing their muscle volume.  One of the best exercises to get big fast and build the pectoral muscle (clavicle), triceps or the deltoid (anterior) is the multi-power bench press.  With a chest machine, the movement is the same as basic exercise but, the bench is set at an incline of 30-40 degrees, where the pectoral muscle is in full action while the clavicle fibers and shoulders. Besides that, straight-arm barbell extensions involve the rear deltoid, triceps, rhomboids and the lower back where you hold the dumbbell at the back behind your legs.  It should come at the end of the training session because it is strenuous and enhances contraction of the muscles used. A childrens fitness trainer will help show you the coorect form.

Perfecting Squat Technique

The machine lat pull is effective because it works the biceps and triceps and should be done in one hand to stabilize the spine column enabling you to achieve a long movement.  Just like other machines for the back, the standing low cable row, works the lumbar and vertebral muscles.  The high cable, technique work the brachial and the biceps too although you should stand straight during execution to avoid straining the lower back during execution. To build leg muscle, squats are the wise choice.

Squats technique should be arched from the back especially when picking your body weight until you stop with your head slightly at the back.   The chest ought to be out as is corresponding with the feet wide enough from your shoulder width.  During execution, always assume you are sitting on an invisible chair then slowly execute movements.

Deadlifts aim at working your back while adding strength to build thickness in the center of the lower back.   This can be incorporated, in between normal workouts, but are more effective if done as you close your session.  This exercise is one of the best muscle building exercise for your legs because the emphasis is on your back if you keep your arms slightly outside of the knees. You can combine the barbell and the dead lift for movement as if mimicking a sumo where your feet stay very wide apart while placing your arms in the insides of your knees. The key here is arching your back, while keeping it in that position throughout the movement. You can watch a video of the correct technique at

The flat barbell bench entails pushing yourself as if crouching towards both your feet making you feel heavier.  After assuming that posture, do not attempt to throw your weight up but emphasize pushing forward with your chest to strengthen muscles involved.  Flex your legs entirely to enable chest to flex automatically adding force while striving to reach your other hand without moving the hands.  Incorporate the military press one of the best muscle building exercises for your shoulders.  Press the weight behind your neck and not in the chin because, you will feel tension on your shoulders.  Essentially, make sure your elbows stay back throughout this set without pushing up your weight. Kids exercise should be fun or your child will not be in it for the long haul. There arfe many great kids personal trainers working in Sydney’s Northern Beaches so be sure to look around for one that bonds well with your child.

Try the straight leg dead lifts to exercise your hamstring, by incorporating simple movements like in the regular dead lifts where, you keep the lower back arched while holding your chest up with your head slightly pushed to the back together with your bum with the hips bent.  Focus on the hamstrings alone while freeing your toes from the weight.   Try going all the way down to your toes without keeping your back round.  Overall, the best muscle building exercises differ from one individual to the next.  However, incorporating muscle-building exercises daily and in your workout can yield great results in the area you wish to emphasize.  It is wise to endure in order to reap the full benefits in the areas of choice.

The trick is to envision the working muscle before performances or movements to think of injuries you do not want to have whereas you should also, try to include 2-4 other helpful exercises with each body part you intend to tone.  For instance, other helpful exercises are the cable pull over, which helps build the triceps and the rear at the same time.  The technique is to have a tight grip while trying to make a contraction.  You can also use one arm.

What Sort of Physique Can You Get from Kettlebell Training?

Often new clients are curious about what sort of physique can you gain through kettlebells training. This is but natural as anybody who has never tried kettlebells before would be sceptical before committing. It is you the trainer who has to convince prospective clients about the tremendous benefits of kettlebell training for their health and overall wellbeing.

Strengthening your Posterior Chain
Training with kettlebells is one of the best ways of strengthening your posterior chain. This chain of muscles from the shoulders to your lower back really supports your body and any weight you may be lifting.

Kettlebells training include several workouts done while standing such as the swings and overhead workouts such as jerks and presses. The standing position involves your entire chain of posterior muscles such as the glutes, your lower back, the hamstrings and calf muscles. Even mat exercises such as the renegade row significantly improve the strength and flexibility of your back muscles.
With regular kettlebells training, you can certainly gain a stronger, fitter and leaner back. To prepare for your course, do 100 snatches every day.


Maximum Fat Loss
Kettlebell courses involve teaching the fundamentals. Whether it’s the swings, snatches, overhead press, deadlift or get-up; each time you train with kettlebells your body gets a comprehensive workout from top to toe. And the more muscles you involve, the greater are your chances of burning fat.
Moreover, kettlebell workouts have excellent after-burn score which means the fat burning process continues at a high rate even when you are no longer working out.

Kettlebell training is therefore considered one of the best ways of losing maximum fat in minimum time.

Leaner Look Uniformly
Many people avoid kettlebells as they wrongly consider it as just another tool for weight training that builds bulky muscles like bodybuilders. What they want is a sleek, athletic body that can be flaunted with pride at the beach. This is just what kettlebell workouts offer with a practical combination of cardiovascular training and strength training.

With strength training, you build more muscle mass while cardios help to tone the muscles so that you never bulk up. Kettlebells are thus much preferred by ladies who want a strong; well toned body.

Enjoy more Flexibility
Kettlebell training is also considered as functional training i.e. through regular kettlebells workouts you can definitely improve the way you perform your daily functions. This is because while training with kettlebells, you involve all the major and minor muscles of your body. Your joints too gain more flexibility due to repeated fluid-like motions such as the swing.

For people suffering from stiffness or less mobility due to a sedentary lifestyle, kettlebells offer a practical opportunity to gain a more supple and flexible body.

Other factors to Consider
Given the several ways kettlebells can help improve your physique, there are certain factors that can affect the expected result. The first is diet. Following a healthy diet plan is absolutely compulsory if you want to see the desired results. Secondly, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle and abstain from unhealthy habits. Thirdly, you need to be normally healthy i.e. there should be no pre-existing ailments.

Online Personal Trainer Talks About Enhanced Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

Insulin that is produced by the pancreas carries energy-giving glucose to the cells, however cells in muscles that are idle respond less to insulin prompting the pancreas to produce more. The resultant enzyme changes have been found to be prime cause of diabetes. The International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity published report in February 2013 after surveying more than 63,000 middle-age Australian males that clearly established a correlation between sitting time and the risk of diabetes.

Muscle Degeneration – A Worrying Fact
Standing, moving or even sitting up straight exercises the abdominal muscles, however if you are sitting slumped in a chair for long periods, these muscles go unutilised and result in weakened abs that ultimately also exaggerates the natural arch of the spine. This condition is referred to as hyperlordosis. Sitting for prolonged periods also leads to your hips becoming stiff and tightens the frontal hip flexor muscles. As a result, the motion range and stride length can become affected and increase the propensity of falls in the elderly.

No Escaping Weight Gain
Sitting consumes far less calories than engaging any in other activity that requires you to move. Analysis reveals that only about 46 calories get burnt per hour when sitting compared to 314 that are consumed per hour while walking. The services of an online personal trainer should be utilized to burn off considerably more calories.
When you incorporate the general tendency of eating too much you can very well judge why a sedentary activity like sitting is a leading cause behind weight gain. An experienced personal trainer should be able to suggest ideas to modify your lifestyle so that you shed weight faster.

If you would like to get in shape this summer, hire an online trainer to write you a fitness program that incorporates exercise and nutrition.

How to Keep Your Bondi Personal Training Clients Injury Free

As important as personal training your clients in personal fitness to reach their respective goals, is the need to ensure they are able to perform the workouts without the risk of any injury. You should use the knowledge and expertise gained in this area from personal trainer certifications you have obtained in Bondi.

Working out and doing physical training can be heavy on the human body and to add to this, even before undertaking any such training some clients could be suffering from previous ailments such as low-back pain, shoulder pain or ACL tears. So even before starting training, you should assess the client’s general state of health and then chalk out the required workout programme. As a Bondi personal trainer

Corrective exercises

Because as mentioned above people who decide to work out can be suffering from many common ailments and injuries, the system of corrective exercises has been introduced. These exercises will help you to identify any dysfunctions the client has and integrate corrective workout programmes.

Some of the common dysfunctions that people experience are lack of joint and core stability; decreased flexibility; muscle imbalances etc. You will need to use the knowledge gained in fitness certifications to create corrective exercise programmes to help the clients to perform without risk of injury.

For more tips and advice on injury prevention you can get more ideas from Bondi Personal Trainer on Facebook, you’ll see the page get updated almost daily with really helpful advice.

How to Get Back to Exercising to lose weight fast?

It is never an easy decision – for you to kick-start a fresh workout routine after a long break. Not only the body but also the mind would have lost the zing and zest to recapture that vision of a healthy, trim and shapely body. But once you accept the mental challenge the 4 steps to lose weight fast given below could help you to get to the starting line.

Initially take small steps

Since the break from working out could have put you in lazy mode, do not try and overturn the same with instant vigorous workouts. You need to start small both in time and movement. You could go for regular walks gradually opening up the muscles in your body, or follow a video exercise routine for a period of around 10 minutes. Such small steps will help to remove any mental block and prepare your body for more rigorous workouts.


Keep the change gradual

Once your mind and body gradually adjust to the weight loss routine, you can set a realistic workout target. Small preparations such as laying out your exercise attire, setting your alarm etc. will help. Writing down other aids such as what you will eat and drink, how other minor tasks – like climbing stairs etc – will prove helpful. Also include tips on what you should avoid – like indulging in edibles that will add calories.

Back on the gym circuit

Having been away from physical working out for a longish period, returning to achieve weight loss could prove daunting. You may have put on some kilos and now look out of shape, so working out in the presence of other people could bring on a feeling of reluctance. What you have to realise is that others attending the gym are all there to achieve the same goal as you.

The only difference being that each one is at a different stage of progress. If you still feel embarrassed you could visit the gym before the crowd comes in. Also use easier equipment such as cardio machines for a start. If personal trainers are available do not hesitate to take their guidance and help to get you back on track.

Focus on exercising, not just losing weight

If you focus on exercising and not just losing weight, one would almost automatically follow the other. So ensure you follow a regular exercise routine. Not only your body but your whole being will benefit – you will find yourself having more energy, a calmer approach, even enjoying better sleep.

Keep focused

Even with the right preparation and effort to restart your workouts to achieve weight loss you could reach a stage where you find the whole effort is too much for you to keep up. Do not be discouraged. This can happen in any of life’s experiences. The thing to do is not to let the negative vibes succeed. Identify why you reach such a stage and take required action so such a situation is not repeated. Build up new habits if required and keep in mind to check out how many calories per day should i eat a day – for optimum weight loss results. Once your mental approach is strong, the physical effort becomes easier.