How to Get Back to Exercising to lose weight fast?

It is never an easy decision – for you to kick-start a fresh workout routine after a long break. Not only the body but also the mind would have lost the zing and zest to recapture that vision of a healthy, trim and shapely body. But once you accept the mental challenge the 4 steps to lose weight fast given below could help you to get to the starting line.

Initially take small steps

Since the break from working out could have put you in lazy mode, do not try and overturn the same with instant vigorous workouts. You need to start small both in time and movement. You could go for regular walks gradually opening up the muscles in your body, or follow a video exercise routine for a period of around 10 minutes. Such small steps will help to remove any mental block and prepare your body for more rigorous workouts.


Keep the change gradual

Once your mind and body gradually adjust to the weight loss routine, you can set a realistic workout target. Small preparations such as laying out your exercise attire, setting your alarm etc. will help. Writing down other aids such as what you will eat and drink, how other minor tasks – like climbing stairs etc – will prove helpful. Also include tips on what you should avoid – like indulging in edibles that will add calories.

Back on the gym circuit

Having been away from physical working out for a longish period, returning to achieve weight loss could prove daunting. You may have put on some kilos and now look out of shape, so working out in the presence of other people could bring on a feeling of reluctance. What you have to realise is that others attending the gym are all there to achieve the same goal as you.

The only difference being that each one is at a different stage of progress. If you still feel embarrassed you could visit the gym before the crowd comes in. Also use easier equipment such as cardio machines for a start. If personal trainers are available do not hesitate to take their guidance and help to get you back on track.

Focus on exercising, not just losing weight

If you focus on exercising and not just losing weight, one would almost automatically follow the other. So ensure you follow a regular exercise routine. Not only your body but your whole being will benefit – you will find yourself having more energy, a calmer approach, even enjoying better sleep.

Keep focused

Even with the right preparation and effort to restart your workouts to achieve weight loss you could reach a stage where you find the whole effort is too much for you to keep up. Do not be discouraged. This can happen in any of life’s experiences. The thing to do is not to let the negative vibes succeed. Identify why you reach such a stage and take required action so such a situation is not repeated. Build up new habits if required and keep in mind to check out how many calories per day should i eat a day – for optimum weight loss results. Once your mental approach is strong, the physical effort becomes easier.