Online Personal Trainer Talks About Enhanced Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

Insulin that is produced by the pancreas carries energy-giving glucose to the cells, however cells in muscles that are idle respond less to insulin prompting the pancreas to produce more. The resultant enzyme changes have been found to be prime cause of diabetes. The International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity published report in February 2013 after surveying more than 63,000 middle-age Australian males that clearly established a correlation between sitting time and the risk of diabetes.

Muscle Degeneration – A Worrying Fact
Standing, moving or even sitting up straight exercises the abdominal muscles, however if you are sitting slumped in a chair for long periods, these muscles go unutilised and result in weakened abs that ultimately also exaggerates the natural arch of the spine. This condition is referred to as hyperlordosis. Sitting for prolonged periods also leads to your hips becoming stiff and tightens the frontal hip flexor muscles. As a result, the motion range and stride length can become affected and increase the propensity of falls in the elderly.

No Escaping Weight Gain
Sitting consumes far less calories than engaging any in other activity that requires you to move. Analysis reveals that only about 46 calories get burnt per hour when sitting compared to 314 that are consumed per hour while walking. The services of an online personal trainer should be utilized to burn off considerably more calories.
When you incorporate the general tendency of eating too much you can very well judge why a sedentary activity like sitting is a leading cause behind weight gain. An experienced personal trainer should be able to suggest ideas to modify your lifestyle so that you shed weight faster.

If you would like to get in shape this summer, hire an online trainer to write you a fitness program that incorporates exercise and nutrition.