What Sort of Physique Can You Get from Kettlebell Training?

Often new clients are curious about what sort of physique can you gain through kettlebells training. This is but natural as anybody who has never tried kettlebells before would be sceptical before committing. It is you the trainer who has to convince prospective clients about the tremendous benefits of kettlebell training for their health and overall wellbeing.

Strengthening your Posterior Chain
Training with kettlebells is one of the best ways of strengthening your posterior chain. This chain of muscles from the shoulders to your lower back really supports your body and any weight you may be lifting.

Kettlebells training include several workouts done while standing such as the swings and overhead workouts such as jerks and presses. The standing position involves your entire chain of posterior muscles such as the glutes, your lower back, the hamstrings and calf muscles. Even mat exercises such as the renegade row significantly improve the strength and flexibility of your back muscles.
With regular kettlebells training, you can certainly gain a stronger, fitter and leaner back. To prepare for your course, do 100 snatches every day.


Maximum Fat Loss
Kettlebell courses involve teaching the fundamentals. Whether it’s the swings, snatches, overhead press, deadlift or get-up; each time you train with kettlebells your body gets a comprehensive workout from top to toe. And the more muscles you involve, the greater are your chances of burning fat.
Moreover, kettlebell workouts have excellent after-burn score which means the fat burning process continues at a high rate even when you are no longer working out.

Kettlebell training is therefore considered one of the best ways of losing maximum fat in minimum time.

Leaner Look Uniformly
Many people avoid kettlebells as they wrongly consider it as just another tool for weight training that builds bulky muscles like bodybuilders. What they want is a sleek, athletic body that can be flaunted with pride at the beach. This is just what kettlebell workouts offer with a practical combination of cardiovascular training and strength training.

With strength training, you build more muscle mass while cardios help to tone the muscles so that you never bulk up. Kettlebells are thus much preferred by ladies who want a strong; well toned body.

Enjoy more Flexibility
Kettlebell training is also considered as functional training i.e. through regular kettlebells workouts you can definitely improve the way you perform your daily functions. This is because while training with kettlebells, you involve all the major and minor muscles of your body. Your joints too gain more flexibility due to repeated fluid-like motions such as the swing.

For people suffering from stiffness or less mobility due to a sedentary lifestyle, kettlebells offer a practical opportunity to gain a more supple and flexible body.

Other factors to Consider
Given the several ways kettlebells can help improve your physique, there are certain factors that can affect the expected result. The first is diet. Following a healthy diet plan is absolutely compulsory if you want to see the desired results. Secondly, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle and abstain from unhealthy habits. Thirdly, you need to be normally healthy i.e. there should be no pre-existing ailments.